Following suit(e): Woolf, Carlyle, Deleuze

Marie-Dominique Garnier


« Following Suit(e) : Woolf, Carlyle, Deleuze » endeavors to locate « starting » places in the writing of V. Woolf, places in which language enters a zone of non-decidability and liberates « flows », a concept akin to Deleuzian « devenir », here submitted to a tentative retranslation –which inscribes a proper name in reverse. This essay situates Woolf between Carlyle and Deleuze, whose Difference and repetition quotes Sartor Resartus, thus repositioning Woolf (an ardent reader of Carlyle) as a major XXth proto-differential philosopher or « followsopher ».


Woolf, Virginia; Carlyle, Thomas; Deleuze, Gilles; Difference and Repetition; Sartor Resartus; Devenir

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