Virginia Woolf among the Apostles

S P Rosenbaum


The important philosophical influences upon Virginia Woolf and her writing were those philosophers she is known to have encountered or studied.  The closest to her was her father, Lesley Stephen. Central, however, were members of the secret and exclusive Cambridge discussion group known as the Apostles, the brethren, or the Society (more formally, The Cambridge Conversazione Society). G.E.Moore was most significant for her (as Rosenbaum has written elsewhere), but Woolf knew many other Apostles including Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Their influence is discussed, and the Society is described, as is its descendant, the Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club.


Apostles; Memoir Club; Bloomsbury Group; Woolf, Virginia; Wolf, Leonard; Moore, George Edward; Stephen, Leslie; Parfit, Derek; Sidgwick, Henry; Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Russell, Bertrand; Keynes, John Maynard

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